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Safari Sam and Oscar the Awesome Ostrich

Safari Sam and Oscar the Awesome Ostrich

Safari Sam rides her noble beast, Oscar, as they survey the land for other interesting species and giant birdseed. Oscar the Awesome Ostrich is a little shy, but once he has his head patted, he knows you're friendly and he's happy to converse with you (if you speak "bird"). Oscar has learned to say "cheese" and is very proud of using it with all willing photographers.

Oscar the Awesome Ostrich was originally created by Greg Tarlin and Kristi Heath in 2002. The response to this character has been very amusing. Both children and adults ask "how are you doing that?". It's the most fun and bizarre character we've created to date. Due to the size and weight, we have specific performing parameters when Oscar is on the scene. Please do not hesitate to ask!


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