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Flightless Floyd

Flightless Floyd and Friends

This flightless feathered giant has taken his rider and gone AWOL from the safari. Bird-watchers squeal with delight upon discovering this new and extremely rare breed of semi-domesticated bird. The bird loves to have his beak patted - but beware, he does make a dash for open bags of snacks. Always looking for attention, this giant of the sub-continent craves human companionship, even as his handler tries to keep him in control. Flightless Floyd was created by Greg Tarlin and Kristi Heath in 2002. The response to this character has been overwhelming and very amusing. Both children and adults ask "how are you doing that?". It's the most fun and bizarre character we've created to date. Due to the size and weight, we have specific performing parameters when Flightless Floyd is on the scene. Please do not hesitate to ask!


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